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Stress and the Hormone Connection

stressThere is no question that stress in this day and age is a prevailing factor for a hormone imbalance due to exhausted adrenal glands which then may lead to estrogen dominance.

It seems that there is not a time in a woman’s life that she is not exposed to a myriad of stressors from teen years to menopause years.  These stressors take their toll on the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis or balance with the adrenal glands at the center.

Stress is cumulative!

The human body is designed to handle short term stress – NOT long term, constant stress!

When a woman or a teen is stressed her body will need to produce more cortisol to maintain a balance and keep the woman or teen “afloat” to be able to do their everyday tasks and to function appropriately both mentally and physically.  Consistently compromised adrenal glands do not produce enough cortisol. The body in response will divert progesterone to the adrenals during high periods of stress to make cortisol. Progesterone counter balances estrogen. When progesterone is diverted it leaves estrogen unopposed.

All this work being accomplished by the adrenals … producing more cortisol and “stealing” progesterone to increase cortisol production….can cause the adrenals to function at a lower and lower level where they can become fatigued and ultimately may burn out.

Your adrenals can only make so much cortisol, DHEA, adrenaline, etc…before you deplete them.

Our bodies are built to handle stressors, but when we demand too much from our endocrine system for too long, as we do with chronic stress, we can deplete our reserves of cortisol, alter our balance of progesterone and estrogen, suppress testosterone production and create a cascade of hormone health problems.” Says Dr Jay Mead  Labrix Saliva Testing Laboratory.

Women and teens under stress can begin to experience the symptoms of adrenal fatigue :  burnout, exhaustion, increased PMS, decreased pain tolerance, over-reaction to minor stressors, and extreme cravings for sugar and salt;  and in women over 35 erratic and intense perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms may occur.

What can make adrenal fatigue worse?

Poor nutrition, continuous stressors without relief, unhappy relationships at work or at home, lack of exercise, lack of fun, no control over how you spend your time, or feelings of powerlessness all contribute to adrenal dysfunction.

What can make adrenal fatigue better?

A proactive mindset, adequate sleep, a calm environment, eating regularly to avoid low blood sugar, laughing often, yoga, rest and relaxation, deep breathing, and  not over -committing when you have no time to fulfill those commitments all work to improve adrenal function.

The Solution?

STEP 1: In order to address adrenal fatigue the first step is to do a 5 panel saliva test  which includes: am cortisol, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA. Evaluating and balancing hormones is the foundation upon which good health can be built especially if stress is a significant factor.

STEP 2. The second step is to then begin a hormone balancing program  to resolve the imbalance.

Hormone Health is just two steps away!

JackieHarveyJackie Harvey is a nutritional speaker who shares her interest and information on hormone health throughout North America in her popular “Let’s Talk About Hormones” seminars.  Visit her website at WWW.HelpForHormones.com for a schedule of events in your area and for more information about her excellent 1-hour DVD “Let’s Talk About Hormones with Jackie Harvey”.


Wilson, James  “Adrenal Fatigue in the 21st Century”
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