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How Do I Find Out If I am Vitamin D Deficient?

Vitamin D One very important step that you can take towards improving your own health is to obtain a vitamin D test.  In the end this may be the most important health question you should be asking – am I D3 deficient?


Determining the level of vitamin D3 in the body requires lab testing. The test is called a 25 hydroxy(OH)2 D  and it is always tested through a blood specimen.

Testing for D3 deficiency is easy.  All that is required is a simple blood test. The 25(OH) Vitamin D BloodDrop Test  is an inexpensive, quick and painless test that will allow you to assess your own Vitamin D status and to monitor your supplementation program without the inconvenience of a blood draw at your doctor’s office. www.helpforhormones.com/d3testing

It is important to measure your vitamin D levels in order to best decide if supplementation is needed, what dosages will be appropriate, and to monitor absorption.  In other words…. find out for yourself.

This is the perfect time of year to test your D3 levels to find out if you need to supplement. The information provided from a D3 test is invaluable, especially during the winter months when your vitamin D levels may drop significantly with decreased exposure to sunlight, particularly if you live in northern regions of the country.

How Do I Order the Test and How Do I Complete the Test?

  1. Purchase the test kit from www.HelpForHormones.com/d3testing  who will ship the test kit directly to you.

  2. Once the test kit is received, and when you are ready, follow the instructions. The test is simply a finger prick with a lancet, with the sample (blood drops) to be placed on the included blotter paper.

  3. The Requisition form included in the test kit does have to be filled out in full including email address.

  4. After you have collected your sample return the samples in the pre-paid grey mailing bag.

  5. Your test results will be sent to you via email within 7 days of the lab receiving the specimen.

  6. A free consultation with a consultant is offered with the return of the test results.  Taking the opportunity to speak with a trained consultant will help you with “the Next Step” in your journey toward Vitamin D sufficiency.

So how much D3 do you really need?

On a scale of 1 to 100.. A Vitamin D level in the upper half of the range is your goal here..somewhere between 50 and 70 ng/ml. This is known as being “replete” or “ample”.  Test results that show below the normal range could hamper your metabolic function and your health in general.   This chart will help you to remember where your test results should be to be in the optimal range.

Vitamin D

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