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 Facts for Women... Heart Disease is Rising

heart diseaseProtecting your heart against heart disease.

  • 8 times as many women die from heart disease and stroke than breast cancer

  • 50% of all women's deaths are due to heart disease and stroke

  • A woman's risk of death from heart disease increases 4 times after menopause

  • Inactive women are twice as likely to die from heart disease and stroke

Did you know that…?


  • Premenopausal women..those below the age of 40 are at far less risk for heart disease. During these childbearing years, women normally have optimal estrogen, testosterone and usually progesterone levels ..in other words “balanced hormones” which lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels and raise HDL (“good”) cholesterol.

BEWARE:  birth control pills increase the risk of heart problems during this same stage of life, especially in combination with smoking.

  • Risk for heart disease in women increases after age 40 ..the age at which many begin at Peri-Menopause. Women, as they age, experience a greater rise in cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, weight gain, and hormone imbalance. For example women in peri-menopause begin to produce more testosterone!

BEWARE: Older women who have reached menopause and have high levels of testosterone are at risk of developing heart disease.

A Major Risk

We’ve known since the Women’s Health Study of 2002 that women should not take HRT for Heart Health Protection.  The two hormone replacement therapy studies involving estrogen and progestin (HRT) were halted because the therapy wasn’t showing any preventative benefits against heart disease. Quite the contrary, the women in these studies showed an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, blood clots, breast cancer and even dementia.  It then became very clear that HRT should NOT be used to prevent heart disease nor should women with heart disease take it!  (www.whi.org)

Take Heart Disease very seriously.

Women tend to develop heart problems later in life, but with worse impact.

Every woman should have regular checkups with their health care provider as heart disease is often under-diagnosed in women.   A Stress Test, an Echo cardiogram and an MRI are often needed to determine the presence of heart disease.  And because women’s symptoms are subtler be aware of early warning symptoms such as anxiety, stress, vertigo, dizziness and indigestion. Women experience chronic lower-grade angina symptoms rather than sudden dramatic signs like men.

Until a few years ago, doctors didn't take heart disease symptoms in women very seriously — one out of three of them didn't even know it is the leading cause of death in women, more than all other causes of death combined. Eventually, with age, approximately 50 percent of women die of heart disease.” Dr John R Lee

Be Proactive…and Intuitive

Normalize your Weight but do not become too thin as that will impede hormone production.

Normalize your cholesterol through diet and exercise and without drugs.

Normalize your blood pressure by reducing stress and supplementing wisely (MaxxAlive.com)

Finally but most importantly…..Balance Your Hormones!

Test Don’t Guess!

Invest in yourself by doing a saliva test to determine your own hormone levels. 

Do a Saliva test to test for elevated testosterone and estrogen and low progesterone  in an effort to reduce your risk of heart disease. This is a procedure that should be done annually and reviewed with a competent consultant. (LINK: HelpForHormones.com or SalivaTesting.com)

Let this be the year you Protect Your Heart!
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