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A 4 part series on the ins and outs of this Hormone Detox.

Basically, detoxification means removal of toxins.  Any Hormone Detox program does this mainly by removing impurities from the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination and also through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph and skin.

Hormone DetoxWith just a little research you will find that there are many kinds of detox programs that target different organs of the body.

The Hormone Detox is different!  A Hormone Detox program is NOT a fasting program. A Hormone Detox is just a detox program with a focus on balancing hormones.

A Hormone Detox is like a tune-up for your car - you are not required to do it but if you do this periodically your body and will perform better and perhaps longer.


  • If you are feeling sluggish, having skin problems or digestive problems

  • If you are tired, or bloated, achy or feeling spaced-out some of these are likely related to hormones.

  • If these or other hormonal issues plague you then perhaps it is time to embark on a Hormone Detox.

A hormone detox should target and support these systems:

1. The Liver – it is the sieve of the body and processes all the hormones that your body passes through it.  It also processes any drugs and all alcohol. Stimulating the liver to properly drive toxins and excrete excess hormones from the body is the first responsibility of a hormone detox.
2. The Bowel – is one of the main eliminative pathways of the body promoting elimination through the intestines.  North America is Number One when it comes to laxative use throughout the world. Today, two out of three people over age 65 use laxatives and it is not just those over 65 that are buying and using laxatives.

If you have fewer than two or three bowel movements a day, you may be constipated.

Your bowel movements don’t just remove harmless waste; they rid your body of potentially harmful toxins too such as excess hormones!    The primary culprit causing bowel dysfunction often includes lack of adequate fiber in the diet.  A resolution for a lack of fiber in the diet will involve spending more time chewing high fiber foods and  using a supplement  if adequate fiber cannot be consumed.  But more about that later. Link: maxxalive.com

3. Kidneys and skin;

The kidneys and the skin are the other two eliminative pathways that the body relies on to get rid of toxins and excess hormones.  Exercise to increase perspiration and drinking water are the solution for these organs to function at optimal. Ann Louise Gittleman  Phd recommends drinking at least one half of your body weight in ounces of water.

4. Adrenals

The adrenals take the brunt of abuse when our body is not functioning at optimal.  A  Hormone Detox will offer the adrenals support to continue to function in a way that will create wellness.

A detox is not a diet but it is a short term acceleration of a process with the goal of feeling rejuvenated.  A Hormone Detox does work!
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