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Vaginitis and Urinary Tract InfectionsVaginitis and Urinary Tract Infections – what is a women to do?

Vaginitis and Urinary Tract Infections can occur in younger women and in women after menopause.  Let’s talk about contributing factors.

Excess Estrogen – May Be The Culprit

All estrogen forms can stimulate estrogen receptors.

  • Estriol – E3 estrogen stimulates the receptors WEAKLY.

  • E1 – Estrone and E2 - Estradiol stimulate the receptors STRONGLY.

  • Xeno Estrogens can stimulate the receptor STRANGELY.  Xenoestrogens can BLOCK the receptor .

Excess estrogen regardless of whether the body made it or it came from chemicals…. when unopposed by adequate progesterone can cause abnormal vaginal tissue and vaginitis. This causes repeat urinary tract infections.

Low Progesterone – is often another Factor

Progesterone complements and balances the impact of estrogen in aging women.  Progesterone plays a major role in relieving menopausal symptoms as well. Four head-to-head studies comparing progesterone to non-bioidentical synthetic progestogen (progestin) reported that women experienced greater satisfaction, improved quality of life, and fewer side effects when switched from progestin to progesterone (Hargrove 1989; Montplaisir 2001; Ryan 2001; Lindenfeld 2002).

The beneficial effects of progesterone compared to non-bioidentical progestin included a

  • 30% reduction in sleep problems,

  • 50% reduction in anxiety,

  • 60% reduction in depression,

  • 25% reduction in menstrual bleeding,

  • 40% reduction in cognitive difficulties, and

  • 30% improvement in sexual function.

Eighty percent of women in the study reported overall satisfaction with the bioidentical progesterone formulation (Fitzpatrick 2000).

Before Menopause - Vaginitis and urinary tract infections can be caused by:

  • Xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens cause the body to have too much strange estrogen.

  • Xenoestrogen birth control pills can cause suppression of natural hormones – hormones that are needed for hormone balance.

  • Stress can cause estrogen dominance which may be responsible for a hormone imbalance.


  • Quit xenoestrogens

  • Quit birth control pills - Prescription birth control pills are synthetic chemically modified progesterones and estrogens.

  • Quit phytoestrogens – plant forms of estrogen

  • Do a Saliva Test to see if your estrogen and progesterone are in balance. If they are out of balance them rebalance them with a hormone balancing program.

After Menopause - Vaginal dryness and mild incontinence.

The vagina will be itchy and inflamed if not lubricated. The most common vaginal dryness in women happens during peri-menopause when estrogens are fluctuating and progesterone is low and after menopause where up to 40% of the post menopausal women continue to suffer from it. This may make daily activities as simple as walking uncomfortable and sexual intercourse less pleasurable. Mild incontinence can begin at this time too.  Women can correct that too by re-balancing hormone levels.

  • Progesterone levels drop to near zero which creates an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone.

  • Stress is often an issue for women too as it tends to redirect progesterone away from balancing with estrogen to supporting adrenal production of cortisol.


  • Do a Saliva Test to see if your estrogen and progesterone are in balance.

  •  If your saliva test reveals that you are out of balance ….rebalance with a hormone balancing program.  Properly applying a topical Progesterone routinely solves the problem. Just make sure that you can introduce the cream into the vagina and that it does not have too many drying agents that will irritate the vaginal mucosa.  We suggest BODY MAXX found at www.maxxAlive.com

  • Use topical Natural Estriol as a last resort.

Women can deal effectively with Vaginitis and Urinary Tract Infections and stop them from re-occurring with just a little time spent re-balancing your hormones. 
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