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When we think of male hormone health, testosterone is probably the first hormone that comes to mind. A strong testosterone level is essential for optimal health.

UntitledMaintaining normal testosterone levels in aging men has been shown to reduce cardiovascular disease risk, through increased lean body mass, decreased fat mass, decreased total cholesterol and improved sugar control.

However recent research has also shown that estrogen plays an important role in men's health in both a positive and a negative way. In men, as it is in women, adequate estrogen appears to be necessary for normal bone development. This is important for prevention of osteoporosis...and men develop osteo too.

Why do some men have higher estradiol (E2 estrogen) levels than others?

Estradiol E2 levels will likely be higher in men with an elevated BMI, as increased body fat around the middle can increase aromatase activity. It is the aromatase enzymes in body fat that convert testosterone to estrogen in men. Genetic differences in aromatization pathways can also result in elevated levels of estrogen, and poor liver health can result in the impairing of the metabolism of estrogen.

The Problems of too much Estrogen?

Sex Drive

  • Increased estrogen levels in men can decrease sex drive. The excess estrogen levels lower sperm count and testosterone levels.

  • Men being treated with estrogen for breast cancer can suffer soreness in their breasts. Swollen breasts and tenderness of the breast can also occur.

  • Increased estrogen levels in men can lead to cancer. Prostate cancer has been linked to high estrogen levels in men.



While estrogen appears to play an important role in hormone health for men, it is important to remember that too much estrogen in relation to progesterone is not healthy. Estradiol - E2 estrogen is a proliferative hormone and can lead to an enlarged prostate and to the development of breast tissue gynecomastia.

Resolve Excess Estrogen

Therefore, it is as imperative to maintain a healthy progesterone to estradiol (Pg/E2) ratio in men as it is in women.

Step 1. Evaluate Hormones levels with a saliva test a 3 panel test will test Estradiol E2 estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone.

Step 2. Based on the test results begin a program to maintain optimal E2 estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone. An estrogen modulator like I3C Indole 3 carbinol and a topically applied bio-identical progesterone cream along with a high fiber diet will often resolve male estrogen dominance.

Step 3. Exercise and losing weight should also help reduce or eliminate high levels of estrogen in men.

As we continue to learn new and exciting ways that hormones impacts health, we must always consider that the hormones are designed to work in concert with one another. Balance is the key and balanced hormones for men are important for optimal health.
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