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Vitamin D3A little sunshine vitamin D3 may be just what we all need to live the vibrant, active future life.

Vitamin D3 Reduces Risk of Physical Limitations

Dutch researchers regularly monitored the vitamin D levels of more than 1,300 people between the ages of 55 and 88. After six years, participants with the lowest vitamin D levels were nearly TWICE as likely to develop a physical limitation that changed their lives forever. Most research volunteers with moderate or high vitamin D levels had no limitations whatsoever! Source: Too Little Vitamin D Hastens Disability as You Age?

Vitamin D3 Reduces Heart Disease Risk

Here's the remarkable new finding from UK's University of Edinburgh... When sunlight hits your skin, it prompts a release of nitric oxide (NO) into blood vessels. NO goes right to work, relaxing smooth muscle around vessels. This increases blood flow, which reduces blood pressure. And for millions of people, that means a reduced risk of heart disease.

Test Donít Guess!

And if you haven't had your vitamin D levels checked recently go to www.helpforhormones.com and order a D3 test kit. There's a good chance your levels are low and some supplementation may be in order. The way to find out is to do a test.

How Much is Enough?

It is usually recommended to spend just 20 minutes outside a day with your head and arms exposed and supplement with at least 2000 IUs of Vitamin D3. Studies have shown that both being in the sun daily and using a supplement at the same time bring up D3 levels into the optimal range more quickly.

So what are you waiting for? About 20 or 30 minutes of full sunlight exposure daily is perfect. No hat, no sunscreen, no sleeves. That's enough to reap the benefits of vitamin D3. Get off the couch, lace up those shoes, and step outside into the sunshine and into a lifetime of health with a sense of well-being that comes from being in the sun.


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