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Endometriosis - a Hormone Disease Plaguing young women today

endometriosis2Endometriosis is one of the most common hormone plagues today.  It is the cause of pelvic pain and infertility in women. It affects an estimated 5 million women in the US.  source  It is possible to treat it with bio identical progesterone successfully.Endometriosis is estimated to affect approximately one in ten women of reproductive age.   As a diagnosis of endometriosis can only be confirmed by laparoscopy, it is difficult, if not impossible, to establish the precise point at which endometriosis appears.

A recent study of women in 16 centers in ten countries, showed that the average age at which women presented with symptoms of endometriosis was 26, with most women experiencing onset of symptoms at least 6 years before a definitive diagnosis.

No-one is too young to have endometriosis

One in 10 women from teens and up will experience endometriosis. Many doctors still believe that endometriosis is rare in teenagers and young women.  Teenagers and young women in their early 20s are not too young to have endometriosis.  Most women experience symptoms during adolescence, but unfortunately don’t get diagnosed and treated until they are in their 20s or 30s.

Low Body Mass and ENDO Connection

Now one study confirms that women with a low BMI, both currently and at age 18, have a greater risk of developing endometriosis. The association remains stronger in infertile women, but is present in all women regardless of fertility status.

“ we do believe that this large prospective study provides conclusive evidence of the inverse association between endometriosis and BMI.”

Endometriosis - What is It?

Endometriosis takes place when bits of tissue scattered around the pelvic cavity behave like uterine (endometrial) tissue, filling with blood and then releasing it as women cycle. Endometriosis can be a painful, debilitating condition. Conventional medicine hasn’t had much success treating endometriosis safely and effectively. Dr. John R Lee, author of Hormone Balance Made Easy, noting that women with endometriosis often improve when they are pregnant, recommended using high doses of natural progesterone—and indeed, many of his patients found relief, though not a cure, with his protocol.

Progesterone is a Safer Therapy for Endometriosis

Says Dr. Jerilynn Prior Endocrinologist with CEMCOR…”Yes, natural progesterone can be used to suppress endometriosis. Estrogen stimulates endometriosis and progesterone inhibits it. Approximately 20 years ago it was common to treat severe endometriosis with medroxyprogesterone, a cousin of natural progesterone. Using progesterone for suppression requires high doses.... Progesterone treatment also decreases the activity of estrogen receptors (and therefore slows estrogen action in tissues such as the endometrium)”.

Dr. Prior continues, “I think that using natural progesterone to suppress endometrial growth is safer than other therapies.

Why is Progesterone Therapy Safer?

First, natural progesterone stimulates new bone formation. If bone loss can be controlled by higher doses of calcium and vitamin D, progesterone will be less negative for bones than other suppressive therapies.

Second, natural progesterone suppresses the ovaries without causing hot flushes like GnRH agonist therapy does.

Third, progesterone has no side effects such as hair growth or acne like danazol does. Fourth, this treatment is flexible and can be adjusted based on a women’s experiences. It is under her control and is not an injection that is temporarily irreversible.”Source 

We know that Bio Identical Progesterone has helped many women reduce the pain and symptoms of endometriosis.

What to Do?

It would be important to take a few preparatory steps before embarking on any program to resolve endometriosis.

  1. Take a saliva test to determine estrogen and progesterone levels and to obtain a ratio.

  2. Review those test results with practitioners who understand the results.

  3. Order bio identical progesterone only from a reputable supplier.

  4. Monitor results annually with a saliva test.

Unfortunately, the belief that young women – teenagers cannot get endometriosis is a carry-over from earlier times. However it is possible to gain relief from endometriosis pain and to live a pain free life.  Hormone balance is the key!
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