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Better Bowel Function - Another piece of the hormone puzzle

Bowel Function PuzzleBowel function can dramatically affect hormone levels!  Many women who have hormonal imbalances also suffer from compromised bowel function of some form or another – IBS, Crohn’s or Colitis.  So there is a close connection between hormones out of balance and bowel dysfunction.

Fact: Women who are constipated have a 4x greater risk of breast disease!

 Three Ways to Improve Bowel Function

  1. Increase the amount of water consumed in a day.

  2. Increase the oils consumed in a day.

  3. Increase the amount of fiber consumed in a day.


It goes without saying to consume the purest water and you can get….as your body ultimately becomes the water filter for all the water you drink.  Most people could improve the amount of water consumed on a daily basis as well.  Consider 1 oz of water for every 5 lbs of body weight as a minimum.

Be aware that most beverages like coffee, tea and soda act as diuretics and actually remove more water from your body that they supply so consider drinking 2 cups of water for every cup of coffee or test or can of pop.


Essential oils especially, but all oils act as a lubricant in the bowel.  Making sure you consume 3 tablespoons of good quality oils daily is important.  Oils such as coconut oil, hemp seed oil and fish oils are important for general health but necessary for optimal bowel health.


There are two types of fiber in all foods…. soluble and insoluble fiber.  In food 75% are insoluble and 25% are soluble.  Both are valuable in providing adequate fiber daily for optimal bowel function. Depending on the type, fiber may either slow down or speed up the passage of food through the digestive tract. Fiber contributes to stool bulk and stimulates the colon walls to contract. Many people do not eat enough food high in fiber to have enough bulk in the bowel to produce adequate transit times for food moving through the intestines.  Food consumed in the morning should leave the body within 12 – 18 hours.

Foods rich in soluble fiber are often recommended to help improve blood glucose and cholesterol levels, while diets containing high amounts of insoluble fiber are known to contribute to bowel regularity and the prevention of diverticular disease. Since high-fiber diets tend to be satisfying but relatively low in calories, they are often promoted for weight management.

Fiber and Hormones

Both types of fiber are very important for controlling hormone levels in the body, particularly testosterone and estrogen.

Improving the amount of Fiber in your diet may sound too simple to help with a complex issue like hormones.  Fiber is actually one of the best tools you can use to modulate hormone levels when hormones are out of balance.

The  Hormone - Bowel Function Connection

First of all if you think that your hormones are out of balance then first of all do a saliva test.   Excess and out of balance hormone levels are revealed by a saliva test.

All hormones have to be detoxified by your liver once the body is finished with them. The liver secretes excess hormones into the intestines where they are supposed to pass out of the body. That isn't always what happens if for instance the woman is constipated or has poor bowel function. The body may reclaim these waste hormones in a misguided attempt at being thrifty and then recirculate them back into the hormonal system adding to the body’s hormone load. The fiber you eat can help bind to these waste hormones and prevent them from being reabsorbed.

Maintaining adequate fiber

Most North Americans do not eat enough fiber, so boosting your daily intake to 30 to 50 g can be a great start on the road to hormone balance.  Source

Choosing a fiber supplement to augment the diet and increase fiber intake is often a great idea to assist the body in eliminating excess or waste hormones and to improve bowel function!

Adequate fiber, appropriate oils and plenty of water in the diet are essential.  Keeping the digestive tract moving will produce better bowel function. Encouraging hormones once they have completed their task, to continue on through the liver and back into the digestive tract to be eliminated may be the most important piece in the puzzle to regain hormone health and wellness.
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