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57 Million Women Need To Hear And See This Vital Information!

Jackie Harvey, International Speaker, Radio Program Host, Seminar Leader and Business Trainer, is a Women's Health Advocate specializing in Hormonal and Menopausal health. Her live "Heart-To-Heart" seminars have been attended by thousands of women. She has been speaking the truth for several years now on the serious effects of all these synthetic drugs and therapies that have been destroying the health of millions of women. Finally The Truth Has Been Uncovered By... The Findings Of The Women's Health Initiative Study!

Jackie Harvey's informative DVD,"Let's Talk About Hormones" is the most current and comprehensive video available. She covers all aspects of "hormone balancing" with concise up-to-date information from reliable medical sources.

This exclusive DVD provides positive answers about safe alternatives for Balancing Hormones and overcoming Estrogen Dominance.

The Next Best Thing To Being There!

If you haven't been able to attend one of Jackie's live seminars, this is the Next Best Thing to Being There! This Easy-To-Understand presentation explains how hormones work, and "how to" use Natural Progesterone Cream, vitamins and minerals.

The "Let's Talk About Hormones" DVD Will Inform You About:

* Breast Cancer Prevention, Hormone Balancing
* Migraine Headaches, Fatigue
* Menopause, Reduced Sexual Interest
* Depression, Acne, Facial Hair
* Hot Flashes, Miscarriages
* Endometriosis, Osteoporosis
* Heart Health, Fibroids (Uterine & Breast)

On The "Let's Talk About Hormones" DVD You'll Also Learn:

* Simple strategies to restore balance to your hormones.
* An Easy 5 Step Program for maintaining hormone health.
* Accurately determining your own estrogen levels.
* Using a simple technique for testing your hormones at home.

Medical Professionals Speak About The New "Let's Talk About Hormones" DVD

Women need to watch "Let's Talk About Hormones" because they need to be self-informed. There are a lot of women out there who are not receiving the proper treatment for their hormonal imbalances.

Dr. David Zava, Ph.D., Biochemist, Breast Cancer Researcher.
Co-Author with Dr. John Lee of "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer."
Jackie Harvey's "Heart-To-Heart" presentation is professional and right to the point. She has a unique ability to effectivel inspire and communicate a life-changing message for all women. "Let's Talk About Hormones" is an excellent introduction to an easy-to-follow practical solution for safely restoring healthy hormone balance and ... best of all, I know it works!

Dr. John R. Lee, Physician
Best Selling Author of the books "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause"
and "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer."
This DVD is a valuable educational resource. It deserves the attention of every woman who is faced with hormone related issues. The program offers a practical, risk-free, scientifically valid plan of dietary and lifestyle change which will give women the opportunity to take a pro-active stance toward balancing hormones and overcoming estrogen dominance. I highly recommend "Let's Talk About Hormones" with Jackie Harvey.

Dr. Barend Grobbelaar - Family Practice

The Let's Talk about Hormones DVD is fact-filled and fast paced,
encouraging you to make informed decisions about your hormone health.

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