Become a Consultant with MaxxAlive!

If you have an interest in health for yourself, your family and your friends,
or if you work in the health industry, this is the opportunity for you.

We will teach you how to:
EDUCATE people about hormones
EVALUATE hormone levels and
EMBARK on a balancing program

In-home presentations and Direct Sales are the foundation of our Business.

This is a "Party Plan With a Purpose"

With our in-home presentations:

We show our educational DVD or Webinar about hormone health.

We offer the opportunity to purchase saliva test kits to evaluate hormone levels.

We then offer a natural health program to balance hormones.

Creating Hormonal Wellness is our Goal!

The MaxxAlive compensation plan rewards you whether you want to build a large sales organization or simply concentrate on your own personal sales. Earn a generous base commission of 30% on your personal sales. Sponsor others and you can earn bonuses on their sales, too!

Sponsor and sell, or just sell - the choice is yours.

Help make a difference!
Share a proven hormone balancing for overall improved health!
Build a business that you can take pride in!
Provide a valuable service!

Ongoing training for MaxxAlive Consultants is provided.

Personalized website and newsletters are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join?

Your MaxxAlive Consultant Sales Kit costs just $139.95USD and contains all the supplies
you need to get your business started.

How much can I earn?

You will earn a 30% commission under the MaxxAlive Career Plan. As you sponsor
others, you can earn additional royalties on their sales. Once you reach Leadership level,
you will be developing and promoting other Leaders,and you can earn bonuses on their
group volume. Contact us for a MaxxAlive Career Plan Booklet.

Do I have to sell a minimum each month?

No. Your MaxxAlive Independent Consultant agreement is good for one year, and you
are entitled to all the Consultant benefits, as long as you comply with your agreement.
There is a minimum personal monthly sales volume if you wish to qualify for bonuses on the
sales of the consultant that you have sponsored into your group.

Do I have to inventory product or deliver orders to my customers?

No. You do not have to purchase any inventory beyond your display pieces.
MaxxAlive warehouses all the products, and ships directly to your customers.
It is easy for you and easy for your DVD presentation Hosts!

Do I have to pay for business supplies?

Yes. We provide originals of all printable business supplies required for presentations.
The printing is done by you either with your own home computer or by taking it to a
print shop.

How do I submit my orders?

You submit orders using our easy-to-use Internet order system. It is fast and foolproof.
Less paperwork = more fun!

Can I accept credit cards?

You can accept credit cards, cash, or checks, but you must use credit cards
exclusively when you submit the orders. MaxxAlive pays the credit card processing

What if my customers have a problem with an order?

Your customers will work directly with the MaxxAlive Customer Care team to resolve
any problem. No need for you to get involved! It is easier for your customers, and it
frees you up to focus on growing your business!

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