Dior Chiffre Rouge D02 diving series high replica watches

He came to the creation of children seems, Dior watches don't like style, high fashion brand, seems to be that one hundred years of grace, all in that little space time. Dior except very unexpectedly produced over the price of one million yuan three tourbillon, when speaking of the year for attention, and the same A series improved, strong flavor of D outrageous diving series Many years ago the replica watches market booming, fashion brands have an inordinate benefit watch market, with their brand name designers, which replica watches uk are the appearance of presupposition as the key point, also according to their annual fashion theme, or sparkling gold or diamonds, with the flow line that is greater than all. Later, even ordinary people people have clear mechanical movement appeal, not only clear, also started to pay attention to, we can not rely solely on the fashion brand has gorgeous appearance, with a large group of annexation and reorganization, the shape and movement are preset must take into account. Dior and zenith belong to lvMH, 04 Basel by Dior Homme Hedi Slimane men's designer Rouge I01 and A02, the default Chiffre A03 three series is restrained and called a wrong case closed first, original A02, A03 and limited edition, carrying ETA 2894 movement is reliable, and I01 is a limited edition. Carrying the Zenith El Primero movement, is the world's first hour frequency up to 36000 times the chance of core, acknowledged correct surprisingly. At the same time, other brands such as Herm s Chanel, also at the same time, the purchase and study new case of material movement, but Dior Chiffre Rouge is unique to other special type line stand. When talking about this year's attention, to finally carry ETA semi-automatic chain movement, 42mm diameter diameter of Chiffre Rouge D01 and D02 series. D taste more exercise belonging diving series, like that uses the wrong case called default, on the right side of the 4 position with eye-catching Chronograph crown and according to preset, make more focus groups. In recent years, the rolex replica will dive in the crown and lock the presupposition, this Chiffre Rouge to try to take care of the patent arm preset the lock crown, there is a focus that is shining stainless steel to try to take care of the arm, but can increase water to try to take care of, but also make the feeling of sports groups more violent. D01 is a stainless steel case, the introduction of D02 case material more interesting, 316L stainless steel by black rubber mold and especially, and have 316L stainless steel unidirectional rotating bezel, black dial with red day window, and dhelloldhood and digital materials made of luminous coating, polishing time watch as a pointer painted Super Luminova things, indicating the number of seconds the red pointer clocks on the walk in the black appearance is icing on the cake of feeling. D01 and D02 are carrying Swiss ETA 2824 movement.